December 11, 2023

Tanduay launch in Taiwan (Left to right, fourth to seventh) Mixologist Mars Chang; Tanduay Brands International executives Marc Ngo, Riana Juarez, and Roy Sumang; and representatives from Tanduay's distributor in the country Mr. Mixer, Ltd.

Ludovicos | Tanduay Optimistic About Its Entry Into Competitive Taiwan Rum Market | Tanduay has a positive outlook about its entry into Taiwan amid stiff competition from other rum brands.

“Based on early reviews, we think that the brand will perform well since the Taiwanese market already has a sophisticated taste and is very accepting of brands that offer them something new and unique,” said Marc Ngo, Tanduay International Business Development Manager and Senior Brand Manager.

He compared the Taiwanese rum market to that of Singapore where people are willing to spend on quality spirits and cocktails.

In entering Taiwan, Tanduay partnered with the distributor, Mr. Mixer, Ltd., one of the leading spirits and other liquor distributors in the country.

“They believe in the brands and they share our passion for bringing our world-class rums to the Taiwan market,” Ngo noted.

Just recently Mr. Mixer, Ltd held a grand launch of Tanduay at Driftwood Bar in Ximending District, where they invited Taiwan’s premier mixologists Mars Chang and the members of “To Infinity and Beyond Team”, who are the 2021 World Class competition Taiwan champions to showcase their outstanding mixology skills as they infused Tanduay rums into unique signature cocktails.

The Philippine-made rum Tanduay, the world’s top-selling rum brand for six consecutive years according to Drinks International, is now available in Taiwan.

7 World-Class Rums

Tanduay is making its award-winning and best-selling rums available in Taiwan. They include the Tanduay Asian Rum Gold, Tanduay Asian Rum Silver, Tanduay Double Rum, Boracay Rum Coconut, Boracay Rum Cappuccino, Tanduay Dark and Tanduay White.

Ngo said that they are currently focused on opening and partnering with on-trade accounts to feature their brands and for consumers to try.

“At the same time, we are having discussions with big chain accounts for them to carry Tanduay rums in their stores. We are also planning to join the Tainan Cocktail Event on October 20-21 to feature our brands more to local consumers,” he said of Tanduay’s initial marketing and promotion efforts.

The brand’s international business has been on a steady growth trajectory in recent years. Taiwan is the 19th where Tanduay rums are being sold.

One of Taiwan’s premier mixologists Mars Chang introduces Tanduay products during the brand’s launch party at Driftwood Bar in Taiwan’s Ximending District.

In Asia, it is already available in China, Singapore, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. In Europe it is being distributed in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Austria, Poland, Georgia, Armenia, and the Czech Republic. It is also available in the United States and Canada in Northern America and Costa Rica in Central America.

Apart from its increasing global footprint, Tanduay has received numerous accolades from international competitions, such as the World’s Number 1 Rum recognition from Drinks International Magazine for six consecutive years and Brand of the Year from the World Branding Awards.

Not one to rest on its laurels, Tanduay is eyeing to even further its international expansion in the coming months.