September 29, 2023
mama sitas kuewntong pagkain

MyLudovicos | Mama Sita’s annual storytelling contest is open till December 31, 2022 |

Mga Kuwentong Pagkain (MKP), an annual storytelling contest has extended its deadline for submission of entries to December 31, 2022.

Launched in 2012 by the Mama Sita Foundation to celebrate Philippine culinary traditions and foodways, MKP has built a repository of gastronomic narratives from all over the country. On its 10th year, MKP is inviting even non-Filipinos to join the conversation on Filipino food. Anyone from anywhere in the world who has a Filipino food story to tell can now participate in the contest.

MKP was inspired by Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes’ journal which revealed a trove of culinary adventures and experiences in cursive handwriting, often accompanied by drawings and scribblings.  To make room for more creativity and style in sharing food stories, separate categories were set up for essay, photo and video entries.

Complemented with short written narratives, video entries allow participants to express dynamism and dramatic flourish in their food stories, while photo entries capture stirring emotions in a single image. Both formats can tell powerful stories ranging from cherished family recipes to regional food folklore and hometown culinary traditions.

Participants can win up to ₱ 20,000 in prizes. Click on this link to join and learn more details about the contest: or email



Mama Sita Foundation ( is a non-stock non-profit organization birthed from the vision and legacy of Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes, a Filipino food icon who was committed to spread awareness on Filipino food and Philippine-grown crops that deliver its unique flavors and tastes. Its initiatives are focused on promoting Philippine culinary heritage and agricultural sustainability.


“Mga Kwentong Pagkain” (MKP) is an initiative of the Mama Sita Foundation which aims to preserve Philippine culinary heritage through the art of storytelling. Launched as a food writing contest in 2012, the initiative has since branched out to various endeavors that put a spotlight on Filipino foodways and culinary traditions. MKP is inspired by Teresita Reyes’ journal which revealed a lifetime’s worth of culinary adventures and experiences.