August 8, 2022
emma thomson nude scene

Photo via 24 Hours World

LST | via PR Newswire | Emma Thompson’s Nude Scene Inspires #NextTribeRealBodyChallenge | AUSTIN, Texas — The dog days of summer and temperatures in the triple digits have caused women all over the country to strip down and take selfies for a good cause. These women want to show the world that women of a certain age have nothing to be ashamed of, and the dog days of summer are providing the perfect opportunity. Regardless of what society tells children about their bodies, they deserve to be loved and appreciated for who they are.

“That scene should be a public service ad,” Jeannie Ralston, founder of NextTribe, wrote on social media in reference to Emma Thompson’s radical full-frontal performance in the new movie, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. “And a pivotal moment in our own acceptance of our less-than-perfect bodies.”

When Ralston saw this comment from the 63-year-old actor, she was already considering ways in which NextTribe could bolster the affirming message that Thompson’s scene communicated. Therefore, if you want the world to change and if you want the iconography of the female body to change, then you should do all you can to be a part of the change.

Today, NextTribe is launching the Real Body Challenge on Instagram. As part of this challenge, they will publish images of women over the age of 45 standing naturally without any clothes on and without displaying any part of their face. NextTribe will blur the photo in the right spots and then upload each anonymous photograph on its Instagram account. Accompanying each photo will be a remark from the woman describing how she felt while taking the photo and why she is participating in this challenge.

Today marks the publication of the first photo, which depicts a man who is 61 years old. Her observation was as follows: “It’s hard not to pose or suck in my stomach, but I’m trying to perceive my body as my long-term home, through a lens that is not polluted by society’s judgment or expectations.”

NextTribe will be posting photographs with the hashtag “#NextTribeRealBodyChallenge” in the hopes of empowering women to have a healthier relationship with their bodies and helping the rest of the world see them for who they truly are.