December 11, 2023
Charge Card Do’s and Don’ts Across Hong Kong

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Myludovicos | Charge Card Do’s and Don’ts | There seems to be a lot of accuracy in the advice that charge cards are not a backup man for not having revenue. Each time you utilize a charge card this ought to be the topic playing back in your brain. And you would do good to think of the accompanying as well.


Forever plan for the buys that you need and those that you wish to have. You require the necessaries, and you wish that you had everything else. The power of arriving at a distinction may help you plan with wisdom.

Whenever caught up with financial troubles when it comes to credit, it’s always great to talk to the issuer who may re-schedule your payments. If you merely default on the payments that only helps to build up an unfavorable credit history and you may discover yourself being refused credit the next time you need to apply for it.

Unless it is a true emergency, staying inside your credit limits will help you a good deal. If you have to spend over your set limit, see to it you are inside the manageable levels, say inside thirty percent.

And if your mails are bombarded with more preferred deals than you presently are enjoying, you might get a hold of your issuer for a more beneficial deal. They wish to retain you as their customer, so they will take heed of what you have to say.


Do not utilize your charge card to make house hold buys. It’s expensive in the long-term and a little frivolous.

Do not simply pay the minimum amount. You will wind up paying outrageous interest. The faster you clear the debt the better.

Do not utilize the charge card to buy things you can not afford.